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    Let's see....I am a photographer/owner of Beth Forester Photography, work-o-holic, mom, wife, educator, photoDUDS owner, movie buff, donkey owner, cook and horrid typist! It is my hope to share a little bit of everything I love here. So be prepared for the musings of an over-stimulated person who loves to create things, whether it's portraits for my most fabulous clients or designs and marketing materials for photographers all over the world. Sit back and enjoy the ride.....I'll try not to be boring!

West Virginia Newborn Photography – Puppy Loves New Baby Brother

I could wait no longer to post this image of a newborn, who I photographed recently.  I have to say that when this family came up the stairs to my studio, I was surprised to say the least when a large dog rounded the corner.  How I was going to pull this one off?  Photographing newborns is already hard enough, but adding a 2 yr old Golden Doodle was scary to say the least.   Immediately, however, I could see how much that Mayzie loved her new baby brother, Bodhi, and it put me at ease!  Plus, it was just so stinkin’ cute!  He just wanted to sniff and kiss little Bodhi all of the time (except on cue I might add, lol).  So here is one of the images we captured of these new “siblings”, and I am very excited with how it turned out!  It reminded me that sometimes the biggest challenges reap the greatest rewards!



Spiderman Custom Birthday Party Invitiation

One of my favorite things that we do at Beth Forester Photography is make custom items for awesome clients!  I have made Evan’s birthday custom party invitations since his very first birthday.  This year he was super excited to be a part of the creation process and stated that he couldn’t wait to send this “cool” invitation to his friends!  (how adorable, right?)  So here is what we came up with for Evan’s Spiderman party.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did in creating it!





Skin Tones

Ok so many people ask me all the time about the skin tones in my photographs.  Once of the biggest questions I get from clients and photographers is how do I achieve such consistent skin tones.  My best answer is “elbow grease” cause nothing is automatic.  So I wanted to share a post of a “before and after” color correction on an image.

Back in the old days (did I really just say that and tip my hand that I am old!)  Anyway, back in the old days when I shot film all I had to do is nail the exposure which, without a digital display on the back of the camera, wasn’t always easy.  I had to rely on my incident meter and at times even take a polaroid test.   Anyway, once I shot the images,  I sent the film off to a pro lab to be developed and to have prints made.  The prints came back already color corrected.  They analyzed and color corrected every frame and made adjustments for proper skin tones and density for each exposure.  This price was included in the cost of printing each image.  These days, color correcting is not included in the price of printing. (you can pay extra for it)   I have to do the color correcting myself if I want the color to look the way it “should” instead of the way the camera “records” it. The job is placed back on the photographer which suits me just fine cause I know as an artist my intention for the image,  how the subject looked and how I want my final image to look.  I like the control I have over the image.   But, let me tell you,  learning to see and adjust color was the worst year of my life back in 2000.  You really have to train your eye to see what needs to be seen because your eye, like the camera, can be fooled.  For example if the camera sees 85% of an image that is red it will adjust and make the image more green.  It doesn’t know to isolate the skin and not globally correct for the overall image.   Plus, the condition under which the image was photographed affects the look of an image as well .  Light has varied color temperatures (kelvin) and in order to get an image to appear appropriately you have to adjust your image to “neutralize” the lighting conditions which you shot the image under.  If you shoot in the sun the appearance of the overall color is very warm and yellow.   If you shoot in a gym under fluorescent lighting the overall color of the image has a green cast.   And if you shoot in the shade the overall color temperature is very cool with a cyan appearance.  And cyan skin tones are my pet peeve!  Nobody wants to look pasty and deathly with blueish green skin tones right?  So each image has to be analyzed and appropriately corrected individually for density and color

So if people want to know how I achieve good skin tones it is a two fold process…first the image is properly exposed and secondly, I sit and analyze each and every image and make the necessary color corrections to each image for proper skin tones in an editing software.  So here you can see a shot straight out of the camera and one where I made the necessary color corrections in Adobe LR to achieve an image with pleasing skin tones.


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The Bridge of Sighs: Venice Italy

The Bridge of Sighs is one of the most famous romantic symbols in the world.   Local legend says that if you kiss your lover at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs that your romance will last forever.

The bridge, actual name Ponte Dei Sospiri, was constructed in 1600 to connect the the inquisitor’s room of Doge’s Palace to the newly built prison.  The Bridge of Sighs as it became popularly known was coined by Lord Byron who stated that you could literally hear the prisoners’ sighs as they gazed out the window, glimpsing the beauty of their city, Venice, for the last time.  One of the most famous prisoners and the only one said to ever escape was Giacomo Casanova.

The below watercolor image was one I created from a photograph I had taken while visiting in June of 2013 and is part of a collection of images from Venice taken on the same trip.  If you are interested in purchasing a limited edition giclee print of this image please visit my etsy store.


Holly and Rockne’s Beach Wedding At Atlanic Beach, NC

It was a beautiful day for a wedding.  The sun glinted off the ever rolling waves in the ocean, and even dolphins showed to pay their respects to the happy couple.  The arbor was set to overlook this beautiful scene, and the bride walked across and between the dunes to meet her future husband while carrying a bouquet made of seashells.  The guests looked on barefoot with warm sand between their toes as they celebrated.  Such was they day as Dr. Holly Anna Hill Married her best friend, Thomas Rockne Stevens III.